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Historic Westwood Community



This webpage was created to provide information, give and get updates. Please share this page with your neighbors and visit this page often.

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Saturday, April 27th
8:30am - 1pm
Westwood Playground

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News You Can Use

Westwood's very own:  Jane C. Johnson


New sculpture memorializes Richmond
schools' integration

By Sabrina Moreno

At 12 years old, Daisy Jane Cooper — now Jane Cooper Johnson — was the first Black student at Richmond's Westhampton School in 1961, seven years after the Brown v. Board of Education ruling for school desegregation.

Honoring Westwood's History With New Tools For Building Generational Wealth

By Andreas Addison

This article sheds light on the historical significance of Richmond's Westwood Community, the first freed African American neighborhood in the city, dating back to 1872. It recounts the challenges faced by its residents, including attempts to erase the neighborhood, lack of basic infrastructure, and racial segregation in schools. The article discusses the current pressures of real estate investment on Westwood and proposes solutions to protect its residents, such as a land value tax (LVT), home repair programs, and community land trusts. It emphasizes the importance of preserving affordable homeownership opportunities and generational wealth in historically Black neighborhoods. If you're interested in equitable urban development and addressing historical injustices, this article offers valuable insights and potential solutions.

Westwood's Civic League Meeting

Next Meeting:
West End Library, Patterson Ave
6:30pm - 7:30pm

(ZOOM will not be available.)

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April's Trivia

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