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About Us

Virtual Experiences Built Around Games,
Mentalism and Stimulating Conversations

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The VXPE Lounge space is how to have fun, relax and socialize with your friends and family. We set the atmosphere for lively, interactive games, mentalism and conversation and we prepare every crucial element in advance. Most of our online events are scaled for a diverse, but intimate audience of between 6 and 24 participants.

Engagement Redefined

Engaging an audience and keeping people interacting can be tricky. There may be lots of different outside stimuli that can divert your guest’s attention,  which  is why we keep the event appealing throughout. Our custom VXPE Lounge allow visitors to communicate and interact with the host and gives participants a sense of presence in the event, making it a lot more engaging, despite being in a digital platform. Our customer’s choose us after considering how to host their own virtual event.

They quickly realize that it is a lot more difficult than it seems. You can’t just download Zoom and call it a day. There are a laundry list of responsibilities that need to be handled and for great events – It’s not something that can easily be handled by one individual. Everything from the virtual delivery to the pre-event preparation needs to be handled with care, which is why having a dedicated team can be very advantageous.

In the Lounge

Virtual Experience Lounge is led by a captivating and charismatic VXPE Super Host that is absolutely essential for a great experience. Guests want to be entertained and our hosts inject a bit of charm and humor into every event, to create an all-around positive atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions

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