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Virtually gather your friends, near and far, and join one of our VXPE Super Hosts in the official Virtual Experience Lounge (video call) for jaw-dropping fun events! Your VXPE Super Host guides you through everything, so all you have to do is gather your snacks and a drink, join in, and have fun! Virtual Experience is powered by Zoom with events for ALL types such as Fundraisers, Holiday Parties, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baby Showers & More!  


VXPE is the future of corporate virtual space. Bringing stimulating games, fun events, magic and gourmet snacks; VXPE was developed for one purpose and that was to create unmatched FUN experiences for colleagues online. The platform integrates all the useful team building exercises and games that help corporations improve their employee productivity. But that’s not all! Everything from the hysterical and wise cracking emcees to the available game options were put together to maximize the FUN! When the events or games begin, nobody will want to leave! Thanks to VXPE, engagement has never been higher! 


Welcome To VXPE

Virtual Experiences Built Around Games,
Mentalism and Stimulating Conversations

The VXPE Lounge space is how to have fun, relax and socialize with your friends and family. We set the atmosphere for lively, interactive games, mentalism and conversation and we prepare every crucial element in advance. Most of our online events are scaled for a diverse, but intimate audiences.

Screen Shot 2022-09-02 at 10.17.52 AM.png

Engagement Redefined

Engaging an audience and keeping people interacting can be tricky. There may be lots of different outside stimuli that can divert your guest’s attention,  which  is why we keep the event appealing throughout. Our custom VXPE Lounge allow visitors to communicate and interact with the host and gives participants a sense of presence in the event, making it a lot more engaging, despite being in a digital platform.

Your Virtual Experience 

Virtual Experience, VXPE, was created to engage and excite and keep your friends, family, and colleagues safely connected. Our events are perfect for a mix of adults. We offer fun events for corporations, family and friends. 


Tasty Snacks

Add a gourmet snack from Maple Ridge Farms to any event!

Shipped to each guest; the gourmet gift showcases your logo or

message in a deliciously memorable way.

Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 12_56_22 PM.png
Dunkable Delights
A Taste of Wisconsin
Energy Booster
Gourmet White Popcorn
Sweet & Savory Boost
Popcorn Lover's Pack
Gift Box with Gourmet Treats
Snack Time
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