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Cocktail Hour/Hospitality Suites

Hiring Stephän  for cocktail hour can add an element of excitement and surprise to your event. Here are several reasons why Stephän can enhance your cocktail hour:


1. Entertainment: Stephän can provide engaging and interactive entertainment for your guests. Magic tricks can captivate the audience and create a lively and memorable experience.


2. Icebreaker: Stephän performs close-up magic, which involves mingling with the guests and performing tricks in small groups. This can help break the ice and facilitate conversations among guests who may not know each other well.


3. Creates a Unique Experience: Magic shows can create a sense of wonder and amazement, making your event stand out and leaving guests with a unique and positive experience.

4. Fills Time and Space: During cocktail hour, guests may be waiting for the main event to begin. Stephän can fill this time with engaging entertainment, ensuring there is never a dull moment.


5. Encourages Guest Interaction: Watching magic tricks often sparks conversations among guests, leading to a more enjoyable and sociable atmosphere.


6. Appeals to All Ages: Magic is a form of entertainment that appeals to people of all ages, making it a great option for events with diverse guest lists.


7. Showcases Talent and Skill: Having  Stephän , a skilled magician, perform can demonstrate your appreciation for high-quality entertainment, enhancing the overall perception of your event.


Additional Magicians

For some events, due to large attendance, other magicians may be required. Each magician on the Magic Team has been selected by Stephän for their unmatched talent and remarkable professionalism.

Meetings, Conferences & Banquets

Hiring Stephän for a business meeting, conference or banquet can offer several benefits that contribute to a successful and engaging event. Here's why you might consider bringing Stephän on board:


1. Icebreaker: Stephän can help break the ice and set a positive tone at the beginning of the meeting. His performance can ease tension and encourage interaction among attendees.


2.  Engagement and Focus: Magic acts capture attention and hold it, providing a welcome break from more traditional meeting content. This can keep attendees engaged and refreshed, making them more attentive during other parts of the meeting.


3.  Memorable Experience: Stephän can create a memorable experience that attendees will associate with your business meeting. This can make your event stand out from others and leave a lasting impression.

4.  Encourages Networking: Stephän often perform close-up magic, which involves interacting with small groups of people. This encourages networking and conversation among attendees, helping to build relationships.


5.  Entertainment: Offering quality entertainment can elevate your meeting and show your appreciation for attendees' time and presence, especially if they have traveled to attend.


6.  Boosts Morale: Including a fun and unexpected element like a magic show can boost attendees' spirits and morale, making the meeting more enjoyable overall.


7.  Sets a Positive Tone: Starting or ending a meeting with a magic show can create a positive atmosphere that carries through the rest of the event.

Overall, hiring Stephän can contribute to a more dynamic, engaging, and memorable business meeting that leaves a positive impression on attendees.

Emcee Services

Screen Shot 2024-04-22 at 11.08.41 PM.png

The most important part of any event is your Emcee (Stephän). During the entire evening, Stephän will act as the Emcee, keeping the conference exciting with announcements, introductions, comedy, magic and audience participation.

Training Seminars

This is everyone's favorite. Learn the tricks of the trade. Learn how to grab your prospects/clients attention by using magic. During this training seminar, Stephän will teach you magic skills that can be used as icebreakers for sales, speaking engagements, meetings and conferences.

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