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Trade Show Presenter


Create Booth Traffic 

Stephän – America’s Corporate Magician , also known as, "The Crowd Builder", will help create a Tsunami of traffic around your trade show booth, GUARANTEED. He will use his proven Viral Advertising Technique to increase booth traffic by at least 100%. Alluring GIVE-AWAYS can add enormous value to your product or service and help support brand awareness. Use of these give-a-ways and EXPERT PRESENTATIONAL SKILLS is the “hook” that holds potential customers to hear your message.

Convey the Message

Your marketing and sales message delivered in a LIVE PRESENTATION can be one of your most powerful sales tools at a trade show. A VISUAL and ENTERTAINING presentation delivering your marketing message that is clear and concise will tell customers why they should be interested in your product or service and convey what your company can do for them.

Get More Leads

Trade shows give your company a very targeted, but small window to reach potential customers. This environment doesn’t afford the luxury of “taking it easy”. At trade shows, time is money and your system must be efficient in order to maximize the company’s return ON INVESTMENT. The high number of leads that will result from a SKILLED PRESENTER may overwhelm your sales staff with PREQUALIFIED prospects. The quantity and the quality of leads a LIVE PRESENTATION delivers is SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

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