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Corporate Virtual Happy Hour Experiences have become our most popular package. They clink glasses on screens, say “Cheers!” and make toasts, sometimes with dogs in their laps. The inability to be with co-workers and friends under the same roof during stressful and scary times has pushed us to create the perfect package for your team. (Usually done at 4PM)


This package is the same as Happy Hour, however, it's done at lunch time.




Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 1.17.39 PM.png

Host a Ford F-150 Fundraiser and one lucky attendee will have the opportunity to win America's best-selling vehicle for an astonishing 43 years in a row.

Fundraising galas are a long-held tradition for nonprofits and other fundraising organizations looking to collect a large amount of donations in a single night.


Now, more and more groups are turning to virtual events to increase their outreach, promote health and safety, and reduce venue and catering costs. To host a virtual gala, complete the form below,  set a date and time, and encourage supporters to tune in via a real-time broadcast.


Along with other packages, we also offer the Ford F-150 Fundraiser Package.  This package allows your organization to raise more money by having a higher entry fee, encourages guests to attend and participate, and creates excitement before the virtual gala of the possibility of winning America's best-selling vehicle for an astonishing 43 years in a row.


If you want to simulate the experience of a traditional in-person gala, invite your attendees to participate in their nicest evening wear from the comfort of their own living room



Add the "WOW" factor to your next virtual Special Event with VXPE.  We do EVERYTHING! Before your event, we will schedule a Zoom time, create the invitations, email the invitations, design your own event web page and we will create a gift registry, if needed.


During the event, Stephan, who was a radio personality for one of Miami's hottest radio stations and is presently America's Corporate Magician, will emcee the party, provide interactive games, magic, music, and more!


This package is great for team building, corporate events, holiday parties, anniversaries, birthdays, mitzvahs, graduations, cocktail parties, reunions, baby showers and many other occasions!


A riveting evening of Mind-Blowing, Jaw-Dropping, Interactive Mental Effects that some believe, can only be done with a trick camera. Hosted by Mentalist Stephan, take part in this unusual and perfect experience at Midnight in your living room on your computer.


Stephan will perform never seen before mental effects using objects, a few playing cards and of course the minds of ticket holders. One effect, guests will be able to participate and create the miracle together. Each ticket purchaser will be mailed a secret box that will be opened when instructed by Stephan; however, never discussed with anyone afterwards.

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