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Virtual Event Packages

Services explained below.

Super Hosts

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One of the most respected names in both show business and big business, Stephan America's Corporate Magician, has performed in front of more than a million people. A few noteworthy corporate clients include Revlon, Facebook, Four Seasons Hotel, Intersport, American Express, Clear Channel, StubHub, McAfee/lntel Security, SAIA, Xerox, Planet Hollywood, NBC Universal, Paramount, Fox Rothschild, Infusion, Phillip Morris, Auto Trader, Absolut Vodka and Office Depot. He has also consulted on the production and performance of a major magic show for Viacom. Stephan was also a radio personality for one of Miami's hottest radio stations, therefore making him the perfect host for your event.

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Tim started in radio in his home state of Ohio, then spent most of his career in Las Vegas with the #1 Hit Music Station, KLUC. Since 2013 he's done radio in Jordan and the UAE mostly with the Tim & Faris show that started in Amman and moved to Dubai in 2017. But now you can find Tim on the beaches of the Cayman Islands and can hear him on Z99 Grand Cayman.

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In 2019, Krendl ended his 5 years of touring with the largest most successful magic company in the world, The Illusionist Live from Broadway. Krendl performed Houdini's Water Torture Escape in the show which appeared in over 15 countries around the world. For an hour here on VXPE, Krendl's goal is to have your work team "Escape" the pressures of work.



Virtual Magical Surprise

Stephän who energizes hospitality suites, yachts and cocktail parties with his award winning, state-of-the-art close-up magic (See video below), has created an original online magic presentation. Along with other miracles, Stephän has created a virtual card trick that ALL who are watching will be able to participate and be astonished. After the virtual event, your online guests will wonder and ask, "How did he do that?"

Virtual Bingo

Since its invention in 1929, BINGO has been the people's favorite in schools, churches, cruise ships to name a few. A song was also written about this famous game. We all have played BINGO, but have you played it with others at a virtual party? Give an old game with a new twist a virtual attempt.


Purse Scavenger Hunt

Searching the hidden recesses in handbags often turns out to be more than just a scavenger hunt. More times than not it segues into a handbag purge or even a purse treasure hunt as things are discovered that were completely forgotten had been tossed in there many moons ago. Who really does have enough of the right stuff in their purse to be the purse treasure hunt winner? 


Charades! is the outrageously fun and exciting multi-activity game for you and your friends! With different challenges from dancing, singing, acting or sketching -- guess the word from clues before the timer runs out!


This OR That

Your emcee will pose hilarious and thought-provoking questions asking players to choose between two equally good, unpleasant, or absurd scenarios.



You can't brush your teeth for two weeks.


You can't bathe for two weeks.

Name That Tune - TV

During “Name That Tune-TV”, attendees will have the opportunity to win points for their correct guesses of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s TV shows featured on Nick-at-Nite and TV Land.


(Perfect for ages 40+)



Are you smarter than the average bear?

I bet you are. Find out with our fun trivia quizzes.


Scavenger Hunt

Most webinars and virtual parties, participants usually sit in one spot unless they need to rush to the restroom. Imagine your friends jumping out of their seats and running around their house to get the next unthinkable Scavenger Hunt item. This activity gives your online guests a chance to stretch and rejuvenate for the next activity.




Tasty Snacks

Spice up your next virtual experience with a box of tasty snacks sent directly to each attendee. Treat your clients, co-workers or friends to delicious gourmet snacks without anyone having to leave their house. There’s a gift perfect for any occasion or sentiment, from simple boxes to elaborate cheese boards for wine gathering. Even better, each gift showcases your logo or message in a deliciously memorable way.

The "C"

Let’s make each game a "C" Game (Custom Game). We will take your selected game(s) and create questions, answers and unique topics around your event’s theme.  Remember to make each game Custom or as we like to say, "Add the 'C'".


(This option can only be added in the "Platinum" package.)


The Chit Chat

Needing a little extra time to "Chit-Chat" with family & friends after playing games?  This option is perfect for your needs.  After the last game has been played, your emcee will open the room with random "Chit-Chat" from your guest, letting them catch up with one another.  After 20-25min of chatting, the emcee will initiate a virtual toast.  A great way to end your event.

Event Recorded

Yes! Virtual events can be captured for future enjoyment. Be sure the Event Recorded option is included in your package, so this once in a lifetime moment can be shared with future generations. (The event will be recorded and delivered on a thumb drive.)


Gift Registry


A gift registry can be prepared for your guests online shopping convenience. We only need to know the guest of honor's interest, needs or wants and we will create a 6-10 item gift registry. The registry can also include gift cards from any merchant that offer gift cards. Once we complete the registry, we will give you all of the sign-in information, so changes can be made if needed.


(This option can only be added in the "Platinum" package.)

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