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Stephän energizes your suite, yacht or cocktail party with his award winning, state-of-the-art close-up magic with your employees, clients and prospects. Stephän will do cards and coin tricks; making money disappear from guest's hands and making cards appear in guest's pockets. (See video below.)

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Comedy Magic Show (45min) - $2300

Strolling Magic (1hour) - $1495

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This is a great packaged Attendee Gift Away. Attendees will perform this trick to their co-workers and friends over and over again. The most popular magic trick. In effect, the center, red card, changes into one with your logo on it. (Instructions are included in each package.)


3-Card Monte Gifts (250) - $425

3-Card Monte Gifts (500) - $850

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As prospects mingle throughout your booth, our cocktail music system will play soft music of your choice (via Pandora); creating the right atmosphere for your event. This also a PA System and can be used for speeches and presentations.


Cocktail Music System - $500

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