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908 1/2 Parrish Street

House is less than 5ft of property line.


DATE:  April 21, 2023


TO:    The City of Richmond Planning Commission

           The City of Richmond Office of Economic Development and Planning

           The Department of Planning and Development Review


FROM: Mr. S. Norwood Thornton and Concerned Residents of the Historic Westwood Community


RE: 908 1/2 Parrish Street - Approval Process


We respectfully request information about the permitting approval process for 908 1/2 Parrish Street. Currently a two-story residence is being built on the property and the structure does not appear to meet the setback requirements for R-5 properties.  (See photos on Was a SUP required for the structure?


My family has owned property in the Historic Westwood Community since the late 1800s. “Parrish Street” was named after my grandmother’s family.  Additionally, my family owns two adjacent properties, 906 Parrish and 908 Parrish Street.


Due to the impactful nature of the new structure, and potential violations of City code, we would like the following:


  1. Copies of all permits and plans that were submitted for the approval process.

  2. The detailed process of how this property was acquired. (A public yard sign/notice was never displayed for the auction of 908 ½ Parrish Street.)



Please acknowledge receipt of this email and a timeframe for delivery of the requested information.


Best regards,



Norwood Thornton

Videos of the historic community, Westwood

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