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This OR That

Your emcee will pose hilarious and thought-provoking questions asking players to choose between two equally good, unpleasant, or absurd scenarios.



You can't brush your teeth for two weeks.


You can't bathe for two weeks.

Name That Tune - TV

During “Name That Tune-TV”, attendees will have the opportunity to win points for their correct guesses of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s TV shows featured on Nick-at-Nite and TV Land.


(Perfect for ages 40+)


Scavenger Hunt

Most webinars and virtual parties, participants usually sit in one spot unless they need to rush to the restroom. Imagine your friends jumping out of their seats and running around their house to get the next unthinkable Scavenger Hunt item. This activity gives your online guests a chance to stretch and rejuvenate for the next activity.


Are you smarter than the average bear?

I bet you are. Find out with our fun trivia quizzes.

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